This is what we do to get us on to your exhibition stand.

When you make an enquiry with us to have a coffee bar on your stand we go through the following steps to ensure everything goes to plan, runs smoothly and has minimal impact on your planning as we know we are just one cog in the wheel of your event.

We will contact you and ask on your expectation for the coffee bar, how many people you want to attract, how we work with you and if you have allocated space for us. If you would like any extras to enhance your brand (more on this later!)

Once we have gathered this information we will send you a quotation for your event, if this is acceptable to you we will then confirm the date for you.

Prior to the event date, we will ask you for a plan or drawing of your stand so we can plan where our equipment will go.

If you have asked us to provide extra branding such as Branded cups, Cappuccino stencil, Barista’s Apron we will only ask you to send us your artwork Image, from here we will arrange for the extras to be made and delivered to us to bring on the setup day.

We will also ask you about your team and how we can work with you as often we are the first face your visitor to the stand will see and how we can direct them to your team. We will also talk with your stand builder to ensure we have the right power for the equipment and to make sure all the equipment will not only fit on the stand but look great.

A week before the event we will contact you and arrange a time to bring the equipment and set it up ready for the event and to make sure you don’t require anything further, this gives us time to ensure we have earthing ready for the event.

Set up day (usually the day before the event) we will arrive at the stand is close to being finished building, we will bring everything with us from the equipment to your added extras to all the coffee beans.

Once the equipment has been installed and check (this is a great time to grab a sneaky coffee to see what your visitors are going to get) we will go over the schedule of the event opening times, peak time when we will be busy and how we are going to manage the visitors to the stand ready for the event to open.

Event Day:

This is what we have been building up to and the most fun part of our job!

We usually arrive an hour before the event is open to ensure the equipment is ready to go, we will dress the serving area where we will serve the drinks with sugars, milk, and our famous complimentary Cookie Jar.

We will introduce ourselves to your team and give them a chance to grab a drink before the event starts.

Once the doors are open and the event visitors make their way to your stand (it’s only a matter of time before word gets around where the best coffee in the show is!)

We greet them in a warm friendly but professional manner, we make each drink to order, this is your opportunity to interact with them or for us to direct them to you should the have an enquiry.

Throughout the day we will ensure the bar is kept clean and well stocked. We endeavour to make every drink perfect! We want your visitor to the stand to remember you.

“Remember ……..? “ Yeah they were the stand with the great coffee”

With years of event experience, we know how to show you at your best. Once the day is over we will clean the equipment and the stand ready for the next day. We will feedback to you at the end of the day on how it’s gone and how many drinks we made and that we’re ready for the next day.

When we breakdown at the end of the event we will remove all the equipment, and clean down the stand where we have worked in an efficient quick manner. We’ll give you some feedback from our side on how the event has gone and said our goodbyes to your team.

Post-event, we will contact you to ask if you were happy with our service and ask you for your feedback and pass on our thanks for having us to represent you with our coffees.

And until next time, goodbye.