Our Capra Pazza Santa Rosa Yellow Bourbon Coffee

Our Capra Pazza (Crazy Goat) coffee has been specially 

selected and roasted just for us and your enjoyment.

The History of Capra Pazza

The legend says that the first coffee berries were discovered by an Ethiopian goat herd circa 800 A.D. The shepherd noticed that his modest herd started to jump happily every time they chewed on the cherry-red berries. He decided to try them himself and to his surprise, felt almost immediately energised. And so the humble coffee bean began its journey.

Capra Pazza Yellow bourbon coffee’s which are so named for their unique yellow fruit, produce a remarkable crop, given the namesake of its nursery – Bourbon Island. This vibrant yellow crop with its unique flavour profile excelled in every way and is renowned for quality, aroma and taste that has many flavours.

When tasted expect notes of sweet plums and stone fruit acidity with warm spices to round up the cup. 

This espresso is also creamy yet balanced and exhibits plenty of nutty caramel tones to the coffee. 

This is one perfect cup for those who just want to enjoy a nice clean but flavoursome coffee…