So something a little bit different for us, a Breakfast network meeting.

Our long time client Howes Percival solicitors contacted us as they want to have a breakfast networking meeting at their offices in Leicester.

Their brief was to invite 50 of their clients to enjoy a couple of hours of having coffee, danish pastries & cookies from 8.30 am with an added twist that they wanted us to do a talk on coffee and how we make it.

For us this was no problem as we love to tell people about our coffees and how we make it.

At 6.30 am on morning of the event we left for Leicester and arrived with an hour before the guests arrived.

This is a busy time for us to unload the equipment and get it into the meeting room and start to set up the equipment. 

The clock was ticking fast as the espresso machine needs 40 mins to warm up and get ready for the guest to arrive to have their drinks.

So full steam ahead, getting the machine plumbed in from our water tank and pump, laying out the the danish pastries & cookies, making sure milk, sugar cups are all ready to go.

With 10 minutes to go and we’re ready to serve, just as well as some guest arrived early so it was straight down to making coffee.

From our first guests it soon got really busy with everyone arriving at once! this is where we excel in getting drinks to the visitors quickly without compromising quality.

The room was buzzing with people talking to each other and sharing business cards while enjoying coffee.

Our hosts gave a short talk on their business and the children’s charity that they we’re sponsoring for that year. All the guest donated some money to help their charity.

Then it was our turn to talk about our coffee, we started to talk about how we specialise in coffee bars for corporate events and exhibitions.

I went on to talk about how we create our drinks, starting with our Capra Pazza beans, how we setup our grinder and the importance of it, tamping the coffee in to the holder and how long it should take to extract the perfect shot of espresso. Then on to texturing milk and how we add air into the milk to get that perfect velvet smooth milk. We also explained what not to do or how it can be done badly. 

All this while making a coffee and showing the guest what the good and bad look like.

We finished off with a question and answer session with loads of guest asking great questions, like how should i keep my coffee fresh? (an airtight container in a cool area is always the answer).

After the Q&A’s it was the end of the meeting and people went off to their day jobs.

It was great that many said a big thank you to our host and us before they left with a few coming over for some barista tips.

Once everyone had left our work hasn’t finished, it was time to uninstall the equipment and pack it back in the van and leave the meeting room as if we weren’t there (all be it apart from the wonderful aroma of coffee).

We said our goodbyes to Howes Percival and returned back to base to unload & clean the equipment down ready for the next event.

Another successful event where we Shared the Espresso Love.